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3rd Party Services - Setting Up DocMail Integration

Set Up Docmail Account

Access the Docmail Account Form

  1. Log into Admin
  2. Click into Settings > Document Management > Docmail Account

If you already have a registered Docmail Account


Figure 1: Docmail Login



Figure 2: Top-up or Invoice



Figure 3: Successful login response


  1. Enter your User Name and Password, then click Sign In
  2. If your account is found, you will be prompted with the below message
  3. Click Yes if your payment method is Top-up.  Click No if your payment method is invoice.
  4. Once all the information is saved, you will receive the following message

If you do not have a Docmail Account


Figure 4: Invalid Username



Figure 5: Invalid Password



You will need to remember the User Name and Password to be able to top up your Docmail Account online

If you change your password online, the next time you to try to use Docmail it will display an error.

You will need to open this form again and enter your User Name and new Password and click Sign In to save the changed password



Figure 6: New Account Success


  1. Click Sign up for Docmail * - Indicates required fields
  2. If Sign Up is clicked before all the required fields have been entered, the signup page will inform you of the missing fields.
  3. Docmail validates both Usernames and Passwords. If either of these fields are entered incorrectly, a message box will appear explaining what the issue is.
  4. There are limitations on character lengths for the fields:
    • Account Name: 70
    • User Name: 30
    • Password: At least 6 characters, Maximum 30
    • Title: 15
    • First Name: 30
    • Surname: 30
    • Job Title: 60
    • Telephone: 50
    • Email Address: 70
    • Address: Each of the 6 address lines accept a maximum of 50 characters
  5. Click Sign Up when ready
  6. If the account has been created successfully, you will receive the following message
  7. All new Docmail Accounts will have their payment method set to Top Up as default.


Configuring Docmail

Access the Docmail Configuration Form

  1. Log into Admin
  2. Settings > Document Management > Docmail Configuration

To activate Docmail


Figure 7: Use Docmail


  1. Click the Use Docmail checkbox to activate Docmail. You will only need to do this once.
    • Docmail will remain disabled if there isn't an active template

Create a new Template


Figure 8: Error generated for incomplete fields


  1. Click the New Template button
  2. Enter a name for the template, e.g. Default, First Class
  3. Select the Address Font - This is the font that will appear on the front of the envelope
  4. Select the minimum size the envelope should be
  5. Select the delivery type: First Class or Standard
  6. If mono is checked, the letter will be printed in black and white. If unchecked, it will be printed in colour
  7. If duplex is checked, the letter will be printed double-sided. If unchecked, it will be printed single sided
  8. If ASAP is checked, the original dispatch letter date will be ignored and it will be posted ASAP.
  9. DAYS UNTIL DISPATCH: Used to delay the despatch of a letter by X number of days.
  10. A template name must be entered and options selected from Address Font, Min. Envelope Size and Delivery Type. If these aren't entered or selected, an error message will appear:
  11. When complete, click Save
  12. Templates are set to Active as default. This means that they are readily available for the Talk users

Modify an existing Template

  1. A Template can be modified by selecting the grid, making changes and then clicking Save when finished
  2. If you make changes but do not wish to save them, click the red circle in the top right-hand corner of the form.  When prompted to save changes, click No

Inactivate an existing Template

From within Lexacom, you cannot delete Templates but you can inactivate them by unchecking the ACTIVE checkbox. This will prevent Talk users from using them in the future. Please bear in mind though that you must have at least one template set to active in order to use Docmail.

If more than one template is available, the Talk users will be able to select which template to use from a dropdown list of templates. The list will contain only the template names, so when setting these up please be as descriptive as possible.

You can reactivate an inactive template at any time by checking the ACTIVE box and clicking the SAVE button.

If there are no active templates when you attempt to close the templates form, a message box will show to warn you that your Docmail account will be disabled. You have the option of clicking No to 'ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CONTINUE?' which will return you to the previous form so you can make any necessary changes.

Disable your Docmail account

If you wish to disable Docmail, you will need to uncheck the Use Docmail checkbox

Viewing the Knowledge base article

  1. Click on the link ‘Don’t know how to top up your Docmail Account?  View our Knowledge base article’ at the bottom of the form to view the knowledge base article
  2. This provides a step by step process and information on how to top up your Docmail Account

Log into your Docmail Account

  1. Click on the link ‘Log into your Docmail Account online’ to access the Docmail Website
  2. You will need your Docmail username and password

Before using Docmail

Before you begin to use Docmail with Lexacom, you must configure recipients. If you skip this stage and there are no recipients, you will not be able to send a letter to Docmail for printing.

Set up Public Recipients

If there are no recipients, you will not be able to send a letter to Docmail for printing

  1. Log into Admin
  2. Settings > Defaults > Recipients
  3. Add recipients
  4. Enter in the details for your recipients.


Figure 9: Adding Recipients


Send a dictation to Docmail for printing

Dispatching a dictation


Figure 10: Send To Docmail


  1. When you dispatch a dictation, you will see the below message box
  2. If you click Yes, the Send To Docmail Form will open.
  3. If Clinical System Integration is set from within Lexacom Admin (clinical integration is covered in a different user guide), the form will open on the REFERENCE tab
  4. Check the SEND TO REFERENCE checkbox if you want the described reference to receive the letter


    Figure 11: With Clinical Integration



  5. If Clinical System Integration is not set the form will open on the Recipients tab

Adding Recipients

  1. Select a recipient from the drop down list of Recipients on the left hand side and click Add
  2. Repeat these steps to add more recipients
  3. All the recipients will show as a list under Recipient on the right hand side
  4. If you need to remove any of the recipients, select their name and click Remove

Selecting Template

  1. If there is more than 1 template available, a drop down list will show at the bottom right of the form. Select the template you wish to use.


If there is only 1 available template, this dropdown list will be invisible.


Sending the Letter


Figure 12: Add Recipients


  1. Click Send when you are ready
  2. You will then need to wait for Lexacom to communicate with Docmail. When the Wait box has disappeared, it means the letter has been sent to Docmail


Should you attempt to send a dictation and the printing date lands on a weekend or Bank Holiday; Lexacom will add one day to the printing date and try to submit again. Lexacom will continue to add one day to the printing date until it receives a success message from the Docmail system.


Viewing the Dictation history


Figure 13: Dictation History




Troubleshooting Docmail Errors

Insufficient Balance

  1. Within Lexacom Talk or Lexacom Type, select the dictation from the tracking grid and click HISTORY
  2. The main two Docmail events that show are:
    • Created Mailing
    • Mailing Sent
  3. If there isn't enough balance in your Docmail account to print your dispatched documents, you will receive the following error message:


    Figure 14: Insufficient funds - This is also recorded in the LXATT log file


    In this instance, the dictation does not get dispatched and its status within Lexacom gets set to what it was previously. The History of the dictation will also show the following description:


    Figure 15: Mailing failed due to insufficient account balance


    In this case, you will need to get your Administrator to log into your Docmail account online and top-up the account. When this is done, you will need to follow through the dispatch process again.

    Other error responses

    If your letter cannot be sent to Docmail for any other reason, it will return an error message to say it has been unable to send it.

    This will show in the History of the dictation as Docmail Error and there will be details in the log file to explain what happened.

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