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Transcription Service - 2. How to Set Up Lexacom Scribe

How to Set Up Lexacom Scribe in Lexacom 3

Now that you have registered for Lexacom Scribe, follow the below step-by-step guide to create your Lexacom Scribe typing pool:

1. Login to Lexacom as Administrator

2. Access Settings > User Editor > Pools

3. Create a new pool:

  • Name = Lexacom Scribe
  • Type = Third Party Service
  • Target = Lexacom Scribe

4. Click Save – note that this will not work if you have not successfully registered on lexacomcloud.com beforehand

5. Go to Settings > Bulk User Permissions > Send to Service Permissions

6. Assign Lexacom Scribe as a Send to Service for all users


After you have configured the typing pool, there are two factors to consider -

  • Who will send dictations to Lexacom Scribe?

Dictations can be sent from Talk, Type or Admin users but you can control who has this ability.

For instructions on how to set up each user see;

  • Where do I want the completed Lexacom Scribe dictations to be returned to?

Lexacom Scribe dictations can be returned to Lexacom Talk or Type users for review – see;


Created: 4 Dec 2018 16:00 GMT Updated: 5 Dec 2018 10:21 GMT