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Guides - Talk - Holding a Dictation


How can I save a work-in-progress dictation without sending?

What does it mean if a dictation is shown as 'Held by Author'?

How can I reload Held dictations?


Holding dictations is the process of saving an unsent dictation without sending; this may be useful if the dictation cannot be completed in that session of Lexacom, or a more urgent dictation must be made before the previous dictation has been completed. Held dictations are not visible to the Type users; dictations may be held indefinitely, and there is no limit (provided there is sufficient server space) to the number or length of dictation that is held.

To hold a dictation, either:

  • If Lexacom Talk is in the windowed Form Mode, click Hold
  • If Lexacom Talk is in Toolbar Mode, click the Hold button ( Return Icon )

The dictation is then Held, and other dictations may then be dictated.

To retrieve a dictation from being Held:

  • Go to the Review tab in the Review and Tracking pane
  • Click to select the dictation to reload
  • Click the Load button (LoadIcon) or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L

This will reload the dictation and allow you to continue working on this. When a dictation is reloaded, there is no prior copy of the dictation still saved - if there is an error in dictating or the dictation is accidentally aborted, the dictation cannot be reloaded from the earlier Held dictation again.


Created: 22 Jun 2015 16:46 BST Updated: 2 Oct 2018 15:56 BST