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Transcription Service - 3. Configuring Lexacom Scribe for Talk Users

Configuring Lexacom Scribe for Talk Users

Every talk user that needs the ability to send dictations to Lexacom Scribe for transcription, will need to be configured in Lexacom to allow them to do this. When setting up a new user, you must ensure that the “return to service” is set up correctly. The return to service is who the transcription will be sent to after the transcription has taken place – in most cases, the return service will be the type users. They can then check the transcription and arrange for it to be processed correctly (i.e. posted or emailed).

1. Log in to Lexacom as Administrator

2. Select the Lexacom Icon > Settings > Users Editor...

3. Click on the Talk Tab

4. Select a Talk User who requires access to Lexacom Scribe from your list of users

5. Click Edit

6. Complete the Contact Number and Email address fields with the user details – this will enable Lexacom Scribe to contact the user with any dictation queries

7. See Services > Default Send To

8. Select your internal Typing Pool location as the default

9. See Services > Default Return To

10. Select a location for transcribed dictations to be returned to – you can select

  1. The Dictation Author (Talk User)
  2. The Internal Typing Pool
  3. A specific Type User

See Send To

11. Select Lexacom Scribe from the list of Third Party Services – the service will appear as an alternative to the default Typing Pool for the Talk User

12. Click Save

13. Repeat this process for every Talk User who requires access to Lexacom Scribe



Created: 4 Dec 2018 16:02 GMT Updated: 5 Dec 2018 10:25 GMT