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Transcription Service - 5. Sending Dictations to Lexacom Scribe – Talk User

Sending Dictations to Lexacom Scribe – Talk Users

Talk users with appropriate permission will be able to select Lexacom Scribe as the transcription option when sending their dictation. To use the Lexacom Scribe service:

1. Log in to Lexacom Talk

2. Populate dictation details as per your usual process

3. See Service – this will be set to your default Typing Pool

4. Select Lexacom Scribe from the dropdown list of services

5. Alternatively, the Service can remain as default Typing Pool – dictations will then be forwarded to Lexacom Scribe by the Type User or Administrator from the Typing Pool

6. See Return To – this is where your Lexacom Scribe dictation will be returned to once transcribed. You can choose from;

  1. Author – completed dictation returned to the Talk User for approval
  2. Typing Pool - completed dictation is returned to the Typing Pool for a Type User to review
  3. A specific Type User - completed dictation is returned to a specific Type User

7. If you require final approval, select “I require final approval” - this prevents the dictation being dispatched from the typing pool until approved by you.

N.B. For further information on returned dictations see Lexacom Scribe - Returned Dictations

8. Send the dictation

9. f you have selected Return to Author you will receive a notification when the dictation has been returned

10. See Review

11. Select the dictation and open to review

12. Repeat this process for every dictation you wish to send to Lexacom Scribe

Created: 4 Dec 2018 16:09 GMT Updated: 5 Dec 2018 10:31 GMT