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What hardware is compatible with Lexacom?

Hardware compatibility list for Lexacom 3.


Manufacturer Device Type Device Name Compatibility Comments
Lexacom 3 Echo
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) DS-9500    
DS-5000 / DS-5000iD    
DS-4000   Released 2004. Device EoL.
DS-3300   Released 2004. Device EoL.
DS-2500 / DS-2400   No realtime encryption. Not recommended.
DS-2300     Released 2004. Device EoL.
DirectRec (Fixed Mic) RM-4010P  
RM-4100S RM-4010P Recommended.
RM-4110S RM-4010P Recommended.
DR-2000   Released 2006. Device EoL.
DR-1000   Released 2006. Device EoL.
Foot Switch RS-31H n/a  
RS-28H n/a  
RS-26     Device EoL.No longer supported.
Philips Digital Pocket Memo (DVR) SpeechAir PSP2000   Not yet tested for Echo
DPM 8000 Series    
LFH 9600 / 9620   Released 2006.Device EoL.Functional with Lexacom 3.
LFH 9500 / 9520     Device EoL
LFH 9380 / 9370     No realtime encryption. Not recommended.
SpeechMike (Fixed Mic) SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000     Not yet tested.
SpeechMike Pro & Touch  SMP3700/3800 / LFH3500     Not recently tested.
SpeechMike III Classic / Pro 3200 / 3300 / 3310  
SpeechMike II Classic / Pro 5260 / 5262 / 5274 / 5276     Not recommended for speech recognition.
SpeechMike I Range LFH6274 / 6264     Released from 1998. Range is EoL.
Foot Switch ACC2300   n/a Not currently supported
LFH 2310   n/a Not currently supported
LFH 0210/90B     Device EoL.No longer supported.
Gundig Mobile (DVR) Digta 7     Not recently tested.
Digta 4000 Series     Devices EoL.
Digta 400 Series     Devices EoL.
Desktop (Fixed Mic) Digta SonicMic 3     Not recently tested.
Digta SonicMic II     Not recently tested.
Digta CordEx     Not recently tested.
VEC Foot Switch Infinity IN-USB-2 n/a Tested February 2019
Infinity IN-USB-1 n/a Tested February 2019

EoL - End of life No manufacturer support. Device should now be considered unsuitable for reliable use.


Last updated Feb 2019.