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Which Clinical Systems does Lexacom 3 integrate with?

Lexacom 3 is the only Digital Dictation and workflow system that has been approved by EMIS, InPS and TPP as an accredited software partner.

Lexacom 3.12 currently integrates with:

  • EMIS Web
  • Vision
  • Vision AEROS
  • SystmOne

Where some systems that claim to integrate with Clinical Systems use 'screen-scraping' or other techniques to grab data from a screen, we believe in working closely with the Clinical Systems providers to ensure we can provide our customers with the maximum functionality and be assured of the best support.

Lexacom 3 does not charge extra for integrating with these clinical systems.

We are constantly working with our clinical systems partners to develop our integration and enhance them to further improve efficiency and best management within the heathcare market.

Lexacom is the only Digital Dictation Solution Accredited by these Companies